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August 19, 2017
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Is Dark Auto Window Tinting Legal: What Experts Say

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Auto window tinting is a popular way of updating your car’s look and giving yourself some privacy at the same time. Different areas have varying rules on what’s allowed when it comes to making your windows darker so make sure you know what’s permitted in your state. Follow our Boca Raton auto repair expert advice and make sure that your chosen professional gives you exactly what you need.

The Popularity of Car Glass Tinting

Professional car glass tinting services are increasingly sought after by drivers of all backgrounds. There are all kinds of reasons why having darker windows is an advantage while you’re using your car, but it’s important to stay within the confines of the law. Consider the main benefits of undertaking the finest car window tinting Boca Raton can offer.

  • Darker windows allow you to protect your car’s interior from sun and heat damage. You won’t have to worry about faded leather seats when you can block the cause.
  • If you’ve got skin or visual problems, the sun can have a really adverse effect on your condition. The kind of car window tinting Boca Raton experts provide is guaranteed to help you minimize the damage caused.
  • Having darker windows gives you a degree of privacy that you simply cannot achieve with completely transparent windows. If you’re a public figure or you just want to keep your whereabouts to yourself, tinted windows are a great solution.

auto window tinting

Always Follow the Letter of the Law

The main issue with the use of tinted windows is that many states have strict rules with which you really must comply. When you hire a true professional to tint your car’s windows, you should know that they’ll always abide by the local laws and never make your glass darker than is allowed. The following rules and regulations apply to cars driven in Florida.

  • The limits are determined by how much sunlight penetrates the glass, and the percentages permitted vary depending on the type of vehicle you’re driving. For example, the rules for vans are not the same as for sedans.
  • On all vehicles, tint reflection must be no higher than 25% for the front windows and 35% for the rear windows. This is an easy one to remember as it’s standard for any car you drive.
  • It’s possible to get a medical exemption for your dark tinted windows, so if this applies to you, make sure you apply for the appropriate dispensation.
  • If you decide to tint your back windows, you’ll be required to use dual side mirrors.

Professional Help Is Always Legal

When you go to a professional to have your auto window tinting done, you should know that they always abide by the local laws. The best experts can advise you on exactly the level of tinting you can achieve while keeping everything above board. Whatever your specific requirements might be, you can trust a professional to provide legal first class window tinting that you can rely on.

Go to a professional for auto window tinting that fits the legal requirements. Only a real expert can provide the authentic services you need.

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